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Prodrive IMPREZA 555 Group A

Welcome to Prodrive IMPREZA 555 Group A

Our aim is to draw together as much technical and statistical information as possible about the Group A Subaru Impreza 555 into one quality repository.

Where possible the data contained in this website, which has been gathered over several years from many sources, has been cross-checked and hence is felt to be relatively ‘correct’.

Colin McRae piloted the Group A GC8 Impreza 555 during his World Championship winning year, 1995, and along with Carlos Sainz, turned the Subaru brand from the farmer’s choice, to the enthusiast’s choice.

Wherever a blue and yellow 555 Impreza is seen nowadays, you can guarantee there will be a large crowd of admirers. The GC8 Impreza 555 has become an icon of world rallying.

Feedback is welcomed on both the content and accuracy of our data – Contact Us

We would appreciate a credit or link-back should you use this data.


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