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Welcome to Prodrive IMPREZA 555 Group A

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Our aim is to draw together as much technical and statistical information as possible about the Group A Subaru Impreza 555 into one quality repository.

Where possible the data contained in this website, which has been gathered over several years from many sources, has been cross-checked and hence is felt to be relatively 'correct'

Colin McRae piloted the GPA GC8 Impreza 555 during his World Championship winning year, 1995, and along with Carlos Sainz, turned the Subaru brand from the farmer's choice, to the enthusiast's choice.

Wherever a blue and yellow 555 Impreza is seen nowadays, you can guarantee there will be a large crowd of admirers. The GC8 Impreza 555 has become an icon of world rallying.

Feedback is welcomed on both the content and accuracy of our data - Contact Us

We would appreciate a credit or link-back should you use this data.

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